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Inspirational and Motivational Posters and Quotes

Affirmations for Money, Wealth and Abundance

I participate of the flow of money

I am now open to receive all the money I need to pay all my debts

I am thrilled to see money coming into my life

It is easy for me to spend money wisely

I now choose to become a money magnet

Money exists for my convenience and benefit

I rejoice in other's abundance of money

I choose to believe that there is enough money for everybody

I am grateful that I always have all the money I need

The world benefits from my use of money

The amount of money I have increases daily

I handle money with love

I release my limiting beliefs about money

I deserve to have money

I am comfortable dealing with large amounts of money

I allow myself to enjoy the money I have

I love sharing my wealth

Wealth is my friend

Money exists for my convenience and pleasure

I move beyond my limiting beliefs about wealth

I give myself permission to enjoy my wealth

I know exactly what being wealthy means to me

I facilitate the flow of money

I contribute to the advancement of society with my wealth

I am open to receive wealth through different channels

Everyone supports me in my decision to be wealthy

I have the power to generate wealth for myself and others

I rejoice in other's wealth

I believe there is unlimited wealth

I am in the process of becoming wealthy beyond my wildest dreams

I handle the money I receive with love

My wealth increases constantly

It is fun to become wealthy

I believe in abundance

There is an abundance of love always available to me

I always have all the money I need at any time

There are plenty of opportunities for me to achieve my dreams

I feel blessed with the abundance of gifts I receive daily

Infinite happiness is always available to me

There is plenty of money for everyone

I choose to live with a mentality of abundance

I appreciate the abundance of love that I experience daily

There is an abundance of resources available to all

I have plenty of time to do all that I want to do

Infinite peace is always inside me

I am ready to receive an abundance of love

I have all the time of the world

I choose to believe in abundance when it comes down to money

I feel blessed with infinite love

I choose to think that there is an abundance of all the things I need

Think Healthy, Feel Healthy, Be Healthy

Daily Affirmations for health and being healthy. Health is the single most important concern of every human being. It is said Health is Wealth. This video is an attempt to reinforce the importance of health and affirm healthy thoughts every day. As 90% illness is in the mind.. your mind now gets new food for thought.