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Change yourself in 3.58 Minutes

One Thing I Will do Today

One Thing I Will do Today

TIPS: Small Actions - Big Results

Hello Friends,

Greetings from Shabbar Suterwala.

Everyone wants to make it Big. All have the potential within, so why are we not getting the Big Results. Here is an interesting piece of article, which has simple steps for each one of us to achieve Big Results.

Small Actions - Big Results
By Shabbar Suterwala

"The greatest aim of education is not knowledge but action"

Many people will ask me how to get so Big Result. They wonder how some people are so LUCKY and I’m not. And now I understand that to get Big Results to you do not have to wait to get all the things right.. but you need to take the Small Actions – Everyday.

To get big results you need to act everyday on small actions – this will work for everyone, everywhere and every time.

Please understand “A little by little everyday adds up to Big Results”

Whether it is about Money, Business, Relationships, Projects, Investments, Career, Education, Family or anything you name it. What people don't seem to grasp is that, this will work for anybody and anything. Anyone can see results in their life if they will live it out!

“A journey of thousand miles begins with the first single step.” Take that step today.

So what is the golden formula of Big Results, Start today or rather Start NOW.

If you want to see change in your life, career, business or Family, see Big Results, the first thing you must do is change your current actions.

"If you keep on doing the same things that you've always done, you'll keep on getting the same results that you have always got!"

If we want different Results or Big Results, we need to do different things or maybe things differently however small though it may seem to be.

“Rome was not built in a day” the saying goes, similarly all the famous structures that we see were neither built over night, but were built, Brick-by-Brick.

All the business empire which are today at the top never started from the top, but, got started and then rose in ranks to the top position.

A writer does not write the whole book at one go, but goes on writing words, sentence, paragraphs, pages and finally a best selling book.

So friends get started, today.

The Steps are very Simple:

1. Start with Desire
2. Dream about it – Visualize about getting it through
3. Set a long term Goal
4. Define a proper Plan – Yearly – Monthly – Weekly
5. Take Action on your Plan Daily
6. Follow up your Action Regularly
7. Identify what works and what not
8. Learn from your Mistakes
9. Plan Corrective Steps
10. and take Action

Best Regards
Shabbar Suterwala