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Children See - Children Do

Starting a Business - Training Session One

Starting a Business

1. The First Step..
• Ask a lot questions to yourself
• Do a Self Introspection and Self Assessment

2. Do a Self Assessment & Introspect
• What are your talents?
• What do you like to do?
• What experience do you have?
• What are your interests?
• Do you have managerial skills?
• Are you a decision-maker?
• What is your energy level?
• Are you a self-starter?
• Are you self motivated?

3. What other Questions should you ask?
• Are you Prepared?
• Are you Prepared in terms of the hard work, long hours, long days
• Do you have a network of people around you to support you

4. Do this Market Research
1. Do you have clarity of your Business Idea?
2. Is there a need for your business idea?
3. Is there a gap in the market? Or Is there a market in the gap?
4. Who is the competition?
5. What can you do better than your competition?
6. Who is your customer?
7. Are there legal restrictions?
8. Where will you locate the business?
9. Will you need financing?
10. What legal form of operation should you choose?

5. Also Research for these questions
1. How much money will you need (start-up and on-going)?
2. What are the employee needs?
3. What price will you charge?
4. How will you locate your suppliers?
5. What will your equipment needs be?
6. Can you make money with your idea?
7. Can you make a living from this business?
8. What type of records do you need to keep?
9. Who can help you get started?
10. Can you envision you business idea in action?

6. Have you considered the Risks?
• The Financial factor
• The Time allocation for the business
• Is it viable – workable
• How will you survive and how will the basic day to day needs be taken care of you and your family
• Consider the worst that can happen after you start

7. Plan you Business
• When will you launch your business – the dates?
• Where do you want your business to go?
• Where should your business be in next three years?
• And what are the steps you will take to be there?

8. What is your Goal?
• What should happen in terms of:
• Growth
• Income
• Turnover
• Profits
• Write it down – NOW
• This is your Real Goal

9. Share your Business Plan
• Talk to your near and dear ones – Family, Friends, Network anyone and everyone you know
• Get Ideas
• Brainstorm
• Talk about your PLAN
• Take Feedback
• Learn from others sharing their experience’s

10. This is your Business Plan
• You need not be a MBA or a CA to make a Business plan
• It will be your Story
• Your Passion
• Your Future
• Your Numbers
• So Start Planning

11. Important is Writing it Down
• “People do not plan to fail, they fail to plan”
• Take a Book and a Pen and start writing down all the ideas that come to your mind to achieve your Goal
• It need not be structured at this point
• Important is to get going than getting it right

12. What Next….?
• First complete all the step mentioned in this Session 1
• Work and Share it
• Think about it
• Analyze it
• Wish you all the best to Fly High.. To make your dreams come true.

13. Knowing is Knowing, Doing is Doing, Knowing and Doing are two different things

14. Disclaimer This material is for Learning purpose only. Every effort has been made to ensure that this material is free from error or problems. This is with an understanding that though I’ve worked hard and long to provide accurate information, I can’t take any responsibility for loss or action to any individual or corporation acting, or not acting, as a result of the material presented here. This is the personal work of Shabbar Suterwala’s Leaders Workshop. If you would like more information on this material or any other book, presentation, workshop by Shabbar Suterwala or Leaders Workshop please call +91-9892225864 or email: